Ariba Live Dispatch 8 — Just the Numbers

I forgot to post these numbers from the first day of LIVE but thought they would be interesting to Spend Matters readers. According to Costello, the 1,000 attendees represented over "1 trillion dollars in annual spend". They came from 270 companies across 30 industry segments. From an Ariba customer perspective, users have processed 30 million purchase transactions representing $170 billion dollars in collective volume. And they have saved over $30 billion -- not sure if this number is identified or implemented, but I'd guess the former -- in overall sourcing results based on $340 billion processed through Ariba applications so far. All in all, impressive numbers, although on the sourcing front Emptoris has some strong claims as well. But from a procurement transaction and network standpoint, there is no way that any other vendor currently approaches Ariba from a volume perspective (on the customer side, SAP and Oracle claim high numbers of deals, but the usage proof simply is not there yet on the same level as Ariba). SciQuest, within its target verticals of life sciences and education, also has a strong adoption story to tell, however.

- Jason Busch

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