Spend Matters Navigator Adds New Sources, Improves Search Results

We've been spending the past few months improving Spend Matters Navigator in numerous ways -- almost all behind the scenes from a navigation and search return perspective. But recently, we added a number of new content sources -- including many new blogs and a handful of trade publications and analyst sites -- into the mix. If you have not tried Spend Matters Navigator recently to get smart on a topic (from supply risk management to e-sourcing strategy in the current market environment), I'd strongly suggest you spend a few minutes playing around with it. It's one of the tools that grows on you the more you interact with it. It will never be a replacement for traditional text word search -- that's not the point -- if you're looking for one specific item which you already know exists. Its main strength and value is in coming up with the best possible information quickly from multiple sources and information types on a given procurement and operations topic. In other words, whether you have two minutes or two hours to get smart on a subject, Spend Matters Navigator should be your first destination.

- Jason Busch

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