The Doctor Goes to School

Last week, The Doctor (AKA Michael Lamoureux) of Sourcing Innovation announced a number of new services offerings aimed at both practitioners and providers in the procurement technology world. I have known Michael ever since he started Sourcing Innovation, and considering his expertise as both a technologist and process savant in this sector, I have no doubt he is more than capable of making valuable contributions to those in this ecosystem that I call Spend Management. On first glance, his services might seem directly competitive with some of the services offered by Spend Matters and my firm Azul Partners. But I believe there is more than room for one -- or even two -- independent third parties in the sector to hawk their wares and capabilities. In fact, I've made suggestions to Michael on where and how I think he can be most effective, so perhaps the similarities are all the more telling of a collective -- or at least coordinated -- plan to help change how vendors and practitioners get better results.

This sea change in the sector isn't coming a moment too soon. In fact, one of the events I'm waiting for as I track the evolution of influence and knowledge in the sector is for five independent and influential bloggers to emerge (after Gartner's recent magic quadrant fiasco, I think we can all agree that anything is better than the status quo). Right now, there are two, so there's a long way to go. However, I strongly believe that this is just the beginning for bloggers and new voices to be heard. I wish Michael the best of luck as he expands his brand and capabilities. The sector -- and everyone in it -- will be the better for it, and I look forward to finding ways of collaborating with him more closely.

- Jason Busch

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