Spend Management in the Home: The Economics of Dirt

I admit it. I'm a clean freak (not a neat freak -- my desk is a mess). But I can't stand dirt. I'm one of these people who starts to clean the floor and the kitchen before a dinner party winds down (much to the chagrin of my wife). But time is money and I know that the time I spend cleaning is not exactly the best use of what I could be doing, especially considering that I typically work 60-70+ hours a week and wish I had more hours in the day. Still, I have a hard time going to work when I know there's dirt lurking on the floor at home. Given this, last week I made the plunge and bought a Roomba -- a vacuuming robot -- from Costco as a father's day present to myself. We set it on its maiden voyage this morning, and I've got to say this is a miracle tool (despite a few learning curves as it moves from carpet to wood in the same room). The few hundred bucks it cost is already paying for itself in piece of mind, knowing that it's cleaning when I'm in the office. It's also a wonderful kid distraction device (since we don’t have a pet, this is working in its in place). All in all, I've got to say this is the best total cost sourcing / cleaning lifecycle decision I've ever made. If you're on the fence about buying one of these, don't hesitate (especially considering the above-linked Costco deal is only good for a few more days).

- Jason Busch

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