Forbes: Safety First for Outsourcing and Global Sourcing

Forbes is perhaps the quintessential business publication. You know when a topic makes it into its pages, that it is a top of mind story for executives. That's why we should all pay attention that safety (a component of supply risk management) is finally getting its due. According to the article, "the outsourcing debate has "lead paint in toys, antifreeze in toothpaste, tainted ingredients in blood-thinner medicine and unsafe food (for people and even pets) ... Consumers, parents, patients and regulators have begun to question whether products using global suppliers are of sufficient quality and safety to protect American end-users -- and end-users elsewhere in the world -- from grievous harm."

Spend Matters readers know that supply risk management is a subject that I'm a bit obsessed by -- perhaps because it's failed to capture the headlines (except for individual events) like it needs to until now. But given the fact that there is finally a corporate rallying cry for greater responsibility, procurement organizations should finally get the green light to step up to the plate and invest in supply risk and performance management solutions that go beyond simple scorecarding to determine, in one case I know of, who should receive a "supplier of the year award". That's right. At an event I went to last year, that question was one of the reasons a company I spoke to gave when I asked why they were investing in the area. I saw to heck with supplier awards. Investments in performance and risk are the ante for doing business globally -- and not letting down or causing harm to your customers.

- Jason Busch

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