Staying Current with Web 2.0 and Spend Management

AMR Research recently penned a brief highlighting some trends in the nebulous area that's affectionately become known as Web 2.0 (subscription and membership required). According to AMR, "Twitter [has] continued to grapple with outages and Google launched a new application that liberates social networking content from the confines of specific social networks." But what does this all mean for procurement and supply chain professionals? Earlier in the year, I gave a presentation on social networking and procurement/operations technologies at the IACCM Americas event (I'm also planning on giving a similar talk at IACCM's event in London this fall). If you'd like a copy of my chat, drop me a line -- happy to send along. But what interests me most in this realm at the moment is the next version of Spend Matters Navigator, due out in a couple of weeks if all goes as planned (perhaps sooner). In it, you'll see the power of Web 2.0 come to life in many new ways. In the meantime, there's still no better place to research procurement and supply chain topics on the web that the current Navigator release which indexes, structures and presents updated relevant content on a daily basis.

- Jason Busch

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