Is Software Getting Better?

It's almost a rhetorical question these days when someone asks if software is getting better. The answer should be: of course it is. But if you don't fall into this positive camp, then you're probably not working with the right vendors. Supply Chain Digest recently wrote that, "My sense is that in the last two years the suite vendors have put some real effort into harmonizing different technologies (often the result of acquisitions) and building real integration and work flows among suite components." In my view, software is getting better on multiple fronts. How is software getting better? For one, the total cost of implementing and managing it should be getting cheaper. On Demand or not, most roll-outs that I'm familiar with are going faster than ever before. Consultants are often willing to sharpen their pencils on technical services (thanks in part to pressure from off-shore houses and smaller boutiques). Software is also getting easier to use -- even Oracle and SAP have introduced some pretty slick interfaces of late which require little or no training in core procurement areas.

- Jason Busch

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