When Your Suppliers Aren't Your Suppliers

Sometimes it's a good idea to keep track of your suppliers, let alone your professional talent. For this reason, there's a lot we can learn from Ashley Dupre of Girls Gone Wild and Eliot Spitzer fame. According to a Fox News story -- they get the best sensationalist gossip relative to CNN, I must admit -- Dupre is suing her former employer with claims that "he falsely advertised that she performed for its cameras, and falsely advertised its offer to her of a $1 million contract. In her lawsuit, Dupre claims that [the owner] and his company ruined her reputation." The defendant's retort says it all: "It's hard to imagine how anyone could actually ruin a hooker's reputation ... But what I really don't understand is, out of the whole Eliot Spitzer scandal, how I'm the only person who ends up in a courtroom." Legal arguments aside, this is not a type of supply risk that most of us have to worry about. Still, I find it hilariously entertaining to watch.

- Jason Busch

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