Workday Rising

Next week, I'll be featuring a handful of posts on Workday. Chances are if you're in the Spend Management world, you're not too familiar with the latest ERP (OK, anti-ERP) player in the market. Workday, the brainchild of PeopleSoft founder David Duffield, among others, and is attempting to disrupt the traditional enterprise applications market by taking an entirely different approach to creating enterprise applications around how people use them -- versus around the limitations of computing and network power (which created the original concrete constraints of ERP systems back in the day). But what does this mean for our corner of the enterprise universe? Workday recently released their first procurement module as part of this effort and while it creates more questions than answers at this point from an end-to-end perspective, it also shows tremendous promise. So join me in a series of posts as I take a closer look at Workday Procurement as well as addressing some of the fundamental challenges to ERP that this upstart hopes to address by blowing up enterprise apps convention. It's exciting stuff.

- Jason Busch

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