Making it to the TOP — Spend Management in the C-Suite

When a journalist decides to really dig into a story, spending weeks interviewing and researching, it makes such a difference. Most of the usual reporting in the Spend Management world is so atrocious and lazy from a journalism perspective. But I must say, Purchasing's David Hannon did an excellent job recently on a piece examining a number of stories and cases where procurement has gotten a seat at the executive table. Curiously, one of article's findings is that a direct reporting relationship to the CFO or COO is not essential. To wit, "while a reporting structure where procurement is a layer or two removed from the C-suite may seem like a drawback in terms of gaining support, several procurement executives told Purchasing that such a structure offers a career 'bridge' between procurement and the C-suite in their companies." In one case, it allowed a procurement head to sell not only the VP of supply chain on the value of procurement, but also the CFO (not to mention providing greater visibility for the executive's own career trajectory in the organization). All in all, a solid piece of research and reporting that you shouldn't miss.

- Jason Busch

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