Bedard Watch — The Latest Installment

Thanks to some peeps in various corners of the enterprise universe, I was tipped up to the fact earlier today that Jamie Bedard (Aberdeen's former CEO) has surfaced again. Even though this post is not directly related to Spend Management, I consider it a public service announcement, nonetheless. I won't rehash the past in too much detail, but there are dozens of folks who worked with Jamie in the procurement space (employees, clients, etc.) that found him colorful to say the least, although I will give him credit -- regardless of what I know various commenters will say -- for playing a role in turning around an analyst firm left for dead into a lead generation one that reinvented itself (though I would argue it was Tim Minahan's relationships that also saved the day, having lived through the era on the vendor side). Like many others, I, too, had some interesting dealings with Jamie which required getting some professional advice on at the time (but everything worked out in the end, in my case).

In any event, I digress. I was recently forwarded a note suggesting that Jamie Bedard has resurfaced. He is now, apparently, "Founder and CEO of JAZD Markets, a well funded Series A start-up company in the online marketing and social media space based in Andover, MA ... The company will combine directory placement, advertising, lead generation and vertical search into an innovative Marketing as a Service (MaaS) platform where advertiser can optimize the value from their on-line marketing spend." has a few job descriptions for Jamie's new venture if you'd like to submit your resume. Or let me know if you'd like to talk to some people who've worked for him in the past. I'd be happy to put you in touch.

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- Jason Busch

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