Oracle Who? The Other ERP SRM Provider …

Many people have commented to me that when it comes to end-to-end Spend Management, I talk quite a bit about the likes of SAP and Ariba on these virtual pages. That's true, for a number of reasons. First, I know that many Spend Matters readers are interested in what's going on with these providers because they're either customers or partners who depend on vendor scoop and analysis to keep them in the loop. But I also talk about them because I have developed both official and back channel networks to get information about them -- and I'm used to studying and commenting on them. However, the more I write about SAP and Ariba, the less space I have for the other ERP SRM giant -- Oracle. Now, comparatively speaking, SAP has greater individual marketshare than Oracle’s solutions. Yet Oracle has three separate product lines in the procurement world -- Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards (they also claim that they're working on a fourth, Fusion, but at this point it's probably years away from completion). Because of them, I probably am giving them less coverage and analysis than I should.

This summer, I hope to change this. I plan to take a more aggressive look at Oracle by talking to them directly, engaging with customers and talking to channel and consulting partners. If you're curious to learn anything in particular about Oracle's procurement and sourcing applications, drop me a line. I did a deep dive on R12, PeopleSoft Enterprise 9, and JD Edwards' initial procurement release about a year ago, but published little of it on these pages. I look forward to going through my notes from then, getting an update from Oracle and talking to others to better understand where Oracle is headed in the Spend Management world.

- Jason Busch

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