Friday Night, July 11th in Chicago — Meet Three Bloggers in One Place

Michael Lamoureux (AKA: The Doctor of Sourcing Innovation) is coming to Chi-town later next week and we've decided to hold a blogger get together on Friday night, July 11th from 8:00-10:00 PM. Lisa Reisman of Metal Miner fame will also job coming along as well to prove to the world that women in the metals business and blogosphere can hold their own at the bar (she's a white zinfandel kind of girl). Join the three of us for a pint of Guinness or whatever quenches your thirst at Wilde (3130 N. Broadway, Chicago, Il 60657), a local Irish pub in the East Lakeview section of Chicago (don't get me started on what they charge for a pint of that dark stout, but I promise it's about as good as it gets in this country). We'll be in the back-bar area (quieter than the front).

There's plenty of street and inexpensive lot parking around. It's about 10 minutes North of the loop without traffic. This is an open invitation: bloggers, procurement and supply chain practitioners, consultants, vendors, etc. In general, anyone with an interest in Spend Management -- be it as simple as getting a real pint of bitter more cheaply -- is welcome. The one rule of thumb is that if that if you're a technology or services vendor and you've come to pitch us, we expect you to buy the group one drink. Or you also have the choice of doing two shots of Jager yourself (in front of us) before starting your pitch. We would prefer the latter option given the entertainment value. In all seriousness, all are invited, and most important, we look forward to debating economic, trade, procurement and supply chain topics with anyone that shows up. Drop me a line (jbusch (at) spend matters (dot) com) or post a comment if you think that you can make it.

- Jason Busch

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