Oldies But Goodies — A Spend Management Primer

As someone who is quite self-critical when it comes to writing, I tend to look back on past work -- blogs, whitepapers, graduate school essays, etc. -- and almost throw up on what I see. It's not that I'm disappointed necessarily in the style or the content relevant to all the other crap that I see which passes for research; it's just that I realize how much better we get as our skills develop. And when you blog, cranking out pages and pages a day, the effect if magnified. However, I find that I occasionally write something that stands the test of time -- content-wise and stylistically. One such longer piece is one that Ariba commissioned me to write back in 2005 that tries to capture the essence of why Spend Management matters while balancing a call to action based on specific needs. You can find it here. It's as timely and relevant today as it was then. This speaks to the reasons that Spend Management matters regardless of passing corporate fancies, the overall economic environment and the latest ERP module du jour. See for yourself and let me know what you think.

- Jason Busch

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