Green Data Centers — More than Just a Bit of Savings

A few months ago, I shared a taxi with someone traveling to SAP Sapphire. He was involved in the data center business and shared some fascinating numbers with me about the benefits of going green when it comes to storage and back-up, not the least of which was going green simply for the sake of the environment. For one, green data centers that improve how information is stored and manage require less processing power and less disk space -- not to mention often requiring less administrative oversight (since there's less equipment to manage). But the benefits don't stop there.

Over on 2sustain, Aravo's Tim Albinson recently waxed eloquent on the benefits and the need for green data centers. According to Tim's post, Sun Microsystems reported that in less than a year it was able to compress "the data center space in its San Francisco Bay-area portfolio by more than 60 percent. Thanks to this reorganization, Sun retired more than 5,000 computer devices and chalked up big savings on space, power, cooling and taxes. What’s more, the company earned more than $1 million in utility rebates and efficiency rewards."

Another organization that Tim references was able to reduce its IT management costs and overhead by 25% and 15%, respectively, by going to a consolidated IT and business process approach, presumably tying together business process and IT improvement initiatives. As I look at the rise of green data centers, it further validates in my mind the need for procurement organizations to act as a catalyst not only for better IT sourcing on the unit cost level (bit, bytes, labor, etc.) but also from a total cost perspective, including green.

- Jason Busch

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