A Free Look at a Gartner's Sourcing Magic Quadrant

In the old days, kids and adults alike would pay pennies at the circus or traveling freak shows to see oddities that defy nature. Dogs with extra limbs. Siamese twins. Blind fire-eaters. The list goes on. Part of the appeal of these shows remained the thrill of spending a few cents to see something that was off-limits to everyone else. But in today's world, there's no need to pony up your hard-earned shillings to peer behind the closed door. That's right. You, too, can see Gartner's recent Sourcing MQ for free, by visiting and registering on Emptoris' website (click here to get to the actual report). Its contents will certainly amaze you -- and maybe even create shock.

In fact, I bet the reason that Emptoris decided to license it and make it available was not just to show off their ranking, but rather to build their lead list with curious onlookers who might not otherwise register to read a whitepaper or attend a webinar. In my view, this makes sense. Companies should decide for themselves whether the quadrant gets billing in one of the three circus-rings or should be relegated to freak-show status. At the time of my initial review of the quadrant, I wrote that "having looked at it, I must say that the relative rankings of smaller vendors -- in proportion to those in the Leader's Quadrant -- takes away from its overall credibility ... [For example] I simply can't understand why there are two vendors who I rarely see in deals significantly out rank the Leader's ability to execute (not just by a thread, but by a significant margin)." Now you can read it for yourself and form your own opinion, courtesy of Emptoris.

- Jason Busch

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