Tesco: A Tale of Tainted Sausages and Circumspect Beans

While I'm not sure why any health conscience -- or gastronomically inclined -- individual would want to eat canned sausage and beans, Tesco has recently recalled just these items. I originally saw the story on Procurement Leaders, although the BBC has a few more details, getting to the bottom of the stinky cans. According to the BBC, "the supermarket giant said that pieces of plastic from the production line in Italy have been found in a small number of the cans." Putting on my retail sourcing hat, my key take away from this story is that as retailers continue to increase their private label sourcing initiatives -- as consumers shun traditional brands, thanks to inflationary pricing pressures -- eternal supply risk vigilance will be the cost of spend liberty. Indeed, many retailers don't have the quality and risk monitoring / management processes for private label products that branded product suppliers such as P&G and Nestle can claim.

- Jason Busch

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