What Procurement Blogs Should You Read?

E-Sourcing Place's Alan Buxton recently penned an excellent little number that details the procurement blogs that he reads on a regular basis. Tops on the list is Sourcing Innovation and Spend Matters (thank you, Alan, for the plug). I would certainly second Alan's suggestion that companies turn to both blogs for pragmatic insight, not to mention analysis (and even entertainment, in this blog's case). But what is more interesting to me are some of the others that made his cut that many companies might not be aware of yet. To this end, I'd also second his suggestion that manufacturers read MFG.com's blog, among a number of vendor sponsored sites. Other vendor blog suggestions that you might not know of include 2sustain, Tim Albinson's blog on green and sustainable supply chain issues, IBX's blog, Purchasing Transformation, and SourceOne's blog, Strategic Sourceror.

In a later post, I'll explore some of Alan's recommendations around non-vendor sponsored blogs. But the great news in this part of his analysis is that software companies and consultants are finally getting religion when it comes to the power of blogging. Ariba/Procuri and Iasta were the first to recognize the power of blogging in the space when they launched Supply Excellence and E-Sourcing Forum, respectively, two more top blogs in my book. But now other providers have joined in the fray, offering pragmatic advice on a daily basis. This is great news from the market, as I've always thought that there's a wealth of information inside providers in the space just waiting to get out without communications-types clouding the way.

- Jason Busch

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