The Middle Market Turns Green with Sustainability Envy

By now, many Spend Matters readers are probably familiar with a story of at least one Fortune 500-size company that's taken the green leap. From Wal-Mart to Toyota to P&G to Tesco, it's hard to not read at least one headline each day about a new corporate greening program. But did you know that there an increasing number of small and middle market organizations are taking the green leap as well? According to a recent IDC study on the subject, "there is a growing level of commitment among both small and midsize firms toward the adoption of applications that would support more environmentally friendly supply chain initiatives." The IDC press release on the study notes that "even among the smallest of the supply chain companies surveyed (those with 20–99 employees), there is a clear indication that support for green initiatives is emerging."

Fortunately, from a Spend Management perspective, green is not just about doing right by our planet and neighbors -- it's about saving money. But how can smaller organizations take advantage of green cost savings opportunities? Besides the obvious (e.g., changing light-bulbs out for more efficient types), companies of all sizes can save money through green programs by reducing internal consumption and redesigning how products (and even services) are packaged and delivered. Some companies are even moving to new green headquarters that take the notion of green savings and practices to entirely new levels.

- Jason Busch

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