Welcoming a New Sponsor to Spend Matters / Navigator — Next Level Purchasing

I'm thrilled to announce that Next Level Purchasing has become a sponsor of Spend Matters Navigator and the first learning / education advertiser on Spend Matters. For those who don't know Next Level Purchasing, the organization represents what I believe to be the fastest growing certification, training and education provider in the overall Spend Management market. Founded only in 2000, Next Level Purchasing has experienced tremendous growth out of the gate. Charles Dominick, President of Next Level Purchasing, shared with me that his organization has achieved a growth rate of 900% over the last three years and 7,160% over the last five years.

Perhaps this growth is attributable to the strong need for better training and education in the Spend Management market. Regardless, Next Level Purchasing is already making a name for itself alongside other educational and certification organizations which have been around for nearly one hundred years. Next Level Purchasing's SPSM certification celebrated its four-year anniversary this month. During those four years, employers from over 70 countries throughout the world have enrolled their procurement teams in the Senior Professional in Supply Management Program. So far, purchasing professionals in 33 of those countries -- including the USA, Colombia, India, England, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Singapore -- have completed the program and earned the SPSM Certification.

Please join me in offering a warm welcome to Next Level Purchasing. If you're curious to learn more about Next Level Purchasing and their educational and certification offerings, I'd strongly encourage you to visit their site to learn more. And for an independent analysis of their material, check out what Sourcing Innovation had to say after looking at their course materials (scroll down to the bottom of the post for the aggregated links to the module reviews).

- Jason Busch

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