Rearden Gets Into the Expense Management Market

Earlier today, Rearden Commerce announced it was acquiring ExpenseWire to expand its footprint into the expense management space. The announcement was actually one of three on a very busy press day for the company. According to Rearden, "ExpenseWire will operate as an independent Rearden Commerce brand, and will continue to collaborate with multiple online booking tool partners to help millions of U.S. businesses more effectively manage spending in a tightening economy." ExpenseWire competed in the market against larger pure-play expense management companies including Concur, probably the best known provider in the space. While I'll leave my deeper analysis of this deal for a future post, this might suggest that Rearden is one step closer to selling into the enterprise directly again (which it previously focused on before turning to what became primarily a channel model in recent years). Another view might suggest that this is just another tool for Rearden to let loose on its channel partners such as American Expense, but in my view, selling expense management can be far more complicated for partners than travel and related personal services. Developing ...

- Jason Busch

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