Sourcing Innovation Tackles End-to-End eProcurement

While no one has ever accused Michael Lamoureux (AKA, The Doctor) of being a man of few words, he's probably broken his own record for tackling a subject with a 28 page dissertation on the need for end-to-end eProcurement. In this sponsored white paper, Michael looks at the need for companies to take a closer look at building a complete procure-to-pay platform that includes such areas as detailed reporting and supplier portals. Who should read this paper? I think it would be particularly educational for any ERP SRM shops that have already deployed an eProcurement capability as it will pinpoint the additional areas of investment you need to make to get the most from what you've already bought. With this analysis, Michael has also done a good job researching third-party benchmarks and other related metrics to show the types of returns that end-to-end eProcurement can bring.

- Jason Busch

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