Doha — A Huge Global Sourcing Failure

After reading through all the news associated with the latest round of WTO talks -- also known as the Doha rounds -- I've come to believe that they are a massive failure. While I can't stand the protectionist trade policies of our current President, I've also come to believe that China and India, among other developing nations, are asking to have their trade cake and eat it to (provided the icing comes from local farmers). You can find good summary of some of the takeaways from Doha in a Supply Chain Digest from earlier this summer. In large part, the trade talks collapsed without any real progress because India and China continue to insist on maintaining artificial barriers around agriculture imports in their own markets (however willing they are to export just about any widget or service to the rest of the world). I won’t probe the nuances in this post, but suffice it to say that both countries are beginning to sound even more hypocritical than George W. Bush these days (and that's hard to do).

- Jason Busch

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