Webinar Today: Key Spend Lessons From PPG's Jim Polack

Even though I'm sure there's going to be a recording made available of PPG's Jim Polack following his live webinar today with Tim Minahan, if you have a minute, you might want to listen this afternoon at 2:00 PM EDT. I've known Jim for quite sometime and they're a couple of excellent lessons in his story of procurement transformation at PPG. First, Jim started with spend analysis before making large investments in other areas. In contrast, most companies start with sourcing or eProcurement first (which in my book, is a sub-optimal approach to Spend Management). Also, Jim started down the spend visibility path at a time when few companies considered anything outside of Microsoft Access or Excel to be unnecessary. Second, Jim led from the trenches. He was not the most ranking procurement executive in the organization at the time he started these programs yet he was able to build executive support and muscle. And third, his team understood the need for speed. To this end, at the start of the initiative, “he organized cross-functional purchasing teams and set savings targets of 10% to be achieved in 90 days. 3 short months later, the teams were cranking out savings between 11 and 32 percent.” If you’re curious to hear the story from Jim, listen in. It's worth hearing for a number of reasons.

- Jason Busch

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