Etymology: What is a Procurement Network?

As a US speaker of English -- and as one who formally studied the language for years and even took a degree in it -- Indian English has always amazed me. At once, it can be difficult to understand yet syntactically, it's probably more correct than what most US citizens hear every day, owing to its more recent British roots. Still, the stories of call centers at GE and other organizations training their employees in a US dialect by having them watch western movies – a true story, mind you – always brings a smile to my face when I think about it. I can almost hear a call center rep quoting a famous John Wayne line on a call without fully getting the context such as "If you've got them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow, partner". I’m sure it's happened.

Alas, the etymology of words and phrases throughout the English language is not quite the same either. When I first read this local story in the Times of India about a local "procurement network", I thought it was talking about a type of leveraged-buy or electronic marketplace. But in fact the phrase was used in the context of criminal activity -- organized theft to be exact. Which, depending on your experience/investments with many of the first generation eMarketplaces from a few years back, is almost the same thing! But at that point in time, it was the vendors and the SIs involved in the larceny.

- Jason Busch

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