Preaching Green Tips from the Bully Pulpit

Supply Excellence's Latane Conant recently authored a great little number highlighting green inconsistencies in the statements and actions of companies and their leaders. From private jets and car fleets to giant houses, some of the biggest proponents of green are those damaging our planet the most (Al Gore, with his private jet time and giant house included). But what's the real inconsistency here between rhetoric and action? I think the post hits it on the head when it sites "a recent survey of the retail and CPG industry that found that 90% of respondents had Green as a priority, but 70% said it was not anyone's job and that sustainability was not incorporated into the sourcing process." Perhaps the larger challenge here is that most organizations don't have others to point to or learn from when it comes to deploying green programs and assigning headcount. Two organizations serve as useful examples to study and learn from in this regard, Cisco and Wal-Mart. Both can teach the rest of the Global 2000 quite a bit about leveraging green and CSR initiatives for supply chain results.

- Jason Busch

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