Vacation Bound!

Starting on Monday, I'm doing something that I've not done since starting this blog. I'm taking off 2 weeks. Now, don't worry. I've prepared a couple dozen postings in advance. Plus Amy Edwards, my editorial assistant, has spent the past few weeks researching and writing a few posts of her own (Amy is a regular contributor to Spend Matters affiliate Blog, Metal Miner). She's also helped me pull together a best-of series for the vacation period as well. So you won't be starved for any news or commentary. And if there is a breaking story, I'll be sure to get something up on Spend Matters as soon as possible. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the last few months of summer. The one caveat is that I won't spend time commenting when I'm away.

And what might you ask is the first thing on my agenda when I return in September? I'm headed out to the GOP convention to raise hell with a party that's all but abandoned its free trade, free market, and low individual/corporate tax principals. Look for PJ O'Rourke-esque coverage of the Spend Management implications of the convention from a blogger who plans to cover it as much from a barstool as the delegate floor. Why, do you ask, am I going? Because I think there's still hope in convincing the Goldwater and Reagan wing of the party of the benefits of keeping our borders, markets and market access open for the next four years and beyond. I've completely lost hope in the other party for now, but then again, I might change my mind again after a few days in Minnesota with a bunch of protectionist, closed-minded nincompoops. Wish me luck. And buy me a drink if you see me at the hotel bar. I'll need it.

- Jason Busch

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