Certifications Revisited

In a post from earlier this summer, I began to ponder whether industry certifications mattered when it came to procurement compensation. At the time I wrote that it is not just a question of having certification that leads to salary increases but rather it's "probably a combination of an individual's use of a network that an industry association exposes them to, their overall tenacity and willingness to grow professionally and, of course, the training and skills they put into practice after learning from their course of study." Over the past couple of weeks, I've been researching this subject for an upcoming Spend Matters Perspective that I'll be writing on the various training, education and certification options open to procurement professionals. What I've learned is causing me to change my tune a bit. I am becoming convinced that certifications and association involvement -- either in a virtual, regional or national setting -- are probably a good investment of time for a typical procurement manager when it comes to career growth and returns. What do you think? I'd love to have a few practitioners share their thoughts.

- Jason Busch

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