A Purchasing Webinar With my Better Half — Getting a Handle on Total Cost Models (Today at 2 PM)

I've got to hand it to Purchasing.com for getting the word out about webinars they host.Today at 2:00 PM US-EDT, Lisa Reisman (my wife and blogging partner in crime) and Zycus' Anurag Dixit are presenting on the topic of modeling total costs for global sourcing programs. Already, I heard that well over six hundred people have registered for it. Lisa told me she plans to open the kimono on the cost models that they've been working with and perfecting for years. As an aside, not too many people know this, but FreeMarkets tried to hire Lisa to focus on metals and global sourcing back before I even met her in the late nineties (she turned down the offer because she had no interest in moving to Pittsburgh and also thought that some of the team were too arrogant for their own good). Alas, she ended up meeting someone in Pittsburgh on the 'team', anyway, and the rest, as they say, is total cost history.

- Jason Busch

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