Best of… Green

Green leaves might be turning red and orange, but terms like "green" and "lean" are still top of mind for many people in procurement organizations. As the summer comes to a close, it's time to look at some of the best Spend Matters posts from thus far in 2008. And with today's theme, it's easy being green.

Green: A Primer on the Benefits for Buyers and Suppliers Alike

Climate Change, the Corporate View: "A Crock" or Not?

Packaging Engineering -- Going Green and Saving Green

Pocketing Green from Green Transportation Models

Green: Give Me Pragmatic Strategies, Not Hype

Inconvenient Truths: Is There a Dark Side of Green?

Gauging the Green Impact of the $2,500 Car

The Market Will Ultimately Cause Ports to Go Green -- Not the EPA

Stay tuned for our last dispatch of the best posts of 2008!

- Jason Busch

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