Aberdeen's New Supply Risk Research — Read @Your Own Risk

Aberdeen recently came out with a fascinating (if not potentially misleading) new study on supply chain risk. A full copy of the study is available by clicking here. These numbers validate much of my own current research and thinking in the area of supply risk. As Spend Matters readers know, this is a topic I obsess over.

So then, why be circumspect about the numbers in a report that I could use to support my own research (and that of my clients)? I have reason to believe, based on talking with various folks affiliated with Aberdeen over the past year or two, that the quality control of the data – the most important aspect in any type of market research – has slipped from where it was in the past. This information is anecdotal, but I trust my sources (and you would too if I could share the names associated with the information provided). Incidentally, these are not people who have any bone to pick with the current Aberdeen. So read the report @ your own risk. But don't necessarily take the data -- and the overall findings -- to Harte.

- Jason Busch

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