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I hope you've enjoyed the compilations of some of Spend Matters "best" posts of 2008. The previous two weeks, we've covered green issues, supplier diversity, global sourcing, and a handful of other topics. To conclude today, it seemed fitting to cover, well, everything else -- posts that weren't so easily categorized, but still deemed interesting by Spend Matters readers. Anyone in procurement should check out these posts. Enjoy!

What Does the Potential of "the Mother of all Meltdowns" Mean for Procurement?

The SAP "Source to Pay" Roadmap

Consortium Buying: Have You Got the Goods?

Your eProcurement Implementation Sucks (and What You Can Do About It)

What Do CAPs Latest Findings Tell Us (Besides the Fact Auction Usage is Down)?

If You Replace Best-of-Breed eProcurement with SAP, Watch Out for Hidden Costs

What Procurement Blogs Should You Read?

What Can Finance Geeks Teach Us About Procurement?

Anti-Dumping: A Topic Every Practitioner and Consultant Should Know About

A Suggestion to Oil Companies -- Abolish Your Procurement Departments Now

Wahhooo! We're Making More Money -- Just Not Enough to Fight Off Inflation

Blogger Relations: Taking a Lesson from SAP

Getting the Most Out of Conferences This Year

Exploring the True Costs of SaaS

If you missed our announcement about Spend Matters Perspectives, here's a quick post to keep in mind: Spend Matters Perspectives: Spend Matters Unabridged

The same goes for our helpful Spend Matters Navigator.

- Jason Busch

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