Purchasing Nails It — Great Article on Allegheny Technologies’ Supply Risk Approach

One of the challenges of covering the area of supply risk is that it's often hard to find companies to actually talk about what they're doing. And that's not just because many are secretive about it -- many organizations are simply not doing anything beyond subscribing to basic D&B risk information (if they're even doing that). But some companies like Allegheny are doing more -- much more. A recent Purchasing Magazine article provides a great case study to help steer organizations as they think about their own supply risk strategies. The article describes in specific detail what steps Allegheny took in defining and implementing a supply risk strategy. Consider, "the first thing Allegheny did was to define what risk meant to them … the next step was to define and identify critical items … from there, it was time to prioritize the critical items to determine where to focus … The next priority was to obtain executive management support for the supply risk management program." I'm cutting out all the detail, but if you're curious, It's more than worth a quick read.

- Jason Busch

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