Sourcing Innovation Illuminations — B2B 3.0

Considering that the Sourcing Innovation Blog has lacked a bit of its trademark tech invective of late, I knew something was up. Indeed, The Doctor, also known as Michael Lamoureux, has been working on a new whitepaper series outlining the tenants of what he terms B2B 3.0. In the first installment -- accessible via the above link -- The Doctor takes out his stethoscope to gauge the heartbeat of the current state of B2B connectivity and procurement approaches. He also provides a good history lesson on what he terms B2B 1.0 and B2B 2.0. I would strongly encourage all technology-curious Spend Matters readers to check in on this series as it progresses throughout the fall and early winter of 2008. Michael has a keen eye (and ear) when it comes to tracing the technology evolution of online commerce initiatives from the early consumer days to the complexity of current business-to-business environments.

- Jason Busch

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