A Big Spend Matters Thanks to Amy Edwards

You might have noticed over the past couple of weeks that there's been a new contributor to Spend Matters on a frequent basis. Amy Edwards, who is completing her graduate studies at Northwestern University and will be taking on an adjunct faculty role in Wisconsin this fall, has been a contributor to Spend Matters Affiliate blog Metal Miner since its inception. I asked Amy before I went on vacation if she could help me hold up the posting fort while I was on holiday and attending the Republican convention. While Amy did a great job, I firmly believe that most of the best blogs represent the voice of a single individual. Hence, I'll once again be taking full control of the posting helm in the coming weeks -- at least from a day-in and day-out perspective. Please join in me in extending to Amy a big thank you for her excellent contributions to date -- and those she'll be making in the future -- which afforded me my first real vacation from blogging in nearly four years.

- Jason Busch

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