CombineNet Unleashes a Lower-Cost Software Solution

Earlier today, CombineNet announced the availability of a new OnCall Sourcing Solution that takes the IP of CombineNets' solution-driven optimization approaches and embeds it in technology that is easier to hand-over to customers (but that still requires approximately one-day of set up). According to the announcement, OnCall Sourcing Solutions represent "a series of optimized sourcing products that combine world-class advanced sourcing technologies with category specific best practices for fast, easy deployment by sourcing teams." Initially, CombineNet has tailored the solution around two categories (in two versions): OnCall Truckload ad OnCall Ocean Freight.

From a pricing standpoint, CombineNet's OnCall solutions will fall in the approximate range of $65-75K based a number of factors (a price point which represents a significant savings off of CombineNet's more service-driven offerings). Perhaps most important, these two offerings do not represent "dumbed-down" versions of CombineNet's other solutions from a functional perspective. They have similar features and capabilities but come with significantly less hand-holding and limited or no customization / configuration. Look for a full write-up and examination of this new application on Spend Matters in the coming days. But in the meantime, my initial take is that both OnCall solutions will be a good fit for companies of above-average sourcing sophistication who are confident in taking greater ownership of highly complex sourcing events and have enough truckload and ocean freight spend to justify the investment above and beyond their current sourcing platforms.

- Jason Busch

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