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One of the most telling aspects of the Republican convention last week was the contrast between the openness of Fox News versus the elitism of CNN. Personally, I enjoy watching each, if only to get both the conservative and liberal perspectives on the news. Fox literally opened the kimono on their network, inviting all delegates and guests into the newsroom (the actual newsroom). I had the chance to meet two of my childhood neo-con heroes, Fred Barnes and Bill Kristol as well as just about all of the major Fox anchors. They were open and friendly, shaking hands, signing autographs and passing out chotcke. But CNN, on the other hand, was the polar opposite. When I tried to enter the CNN "Grill" – a similar set-up to the Fox news tent -- I was told that only "VIPs were allowed inside". Evidently, I was not one of them. Such is the classic media establishment, I guess.

- Jason Busch

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