I'm Nominating John Campi for President …

To win the Oval Office, many candidates lie through their teeth. Consider how George W. Bush campaigned in large part as a free-trading, fiscal conservative but proved anything but. Of course to win the popular -- and/or electoral -- vote it's essential to appeal to all potential constituents even if it's impossible to do so (which is precisely what McCain and Obama are attempting at the moment). But when a politician says something that so firmly runs against his or her actions, it's hard to believe they can get away with it (unless, of course, they're a true spin master like Bill Clinton). Still, you've got to hand it to folks who think they can pull a fast one over the nation. For this reason, I'm nominating Chrysler's John Campi to run for President. Campi actually believes that he can cut supply chain costs by 25% and "improve relationships with suppliers” despite his company’s recent actions -- and supplier rankings -- that put his organization at the bottom of the supplier treatment rankings in Detroit. Making statements like this and backing them up with completely antithetical behavior are making Campi an instant classic in Detroit. Let's hope this skill set can make it's way to Washington at the Oval Office! At the very least, he's shaping up to be true Press Secretary material ...

- Jason Busch

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