Examining the US in the Global Sourcing Picture

Until the price corrections of the past couple of months, if the pace of the slide of the dollar continued, it would have brought the US to within striking distance of developing Asian economies from a cost standpoint for European organizations exporting from the country. And for US organizations, the declining strength of the dollar has continued to call into question the viability of global sourcing strategies predicated on cost savings (versus serving local markets or locating alternative sources of supply). But what's the future of sourcing within the US? If the appreciation of the dollar over the past few months is any indication of where things are headed, the overall global sourcing picture is looking more and more difficult to read. Perhaps this forthcoming study from Archstone Consulting and Supply Chain Management Review will get to the bottom of how manufacturers are looking at their local and global options these days. Archstone dropped me a note the other day and asked if I'd post a link to the survey. Given the timeliness of the topic I not only said that I'd be happy to -- I would also like to profile the findings as soon as they're available on these pages. So if you're currently investigating US supply options in the context of your global sourcing strategies, please consider participating. This is a study that should shed some fascinating light on how companies are thinking about US supply options today.

- Jason Busch

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