Procurement Can Tackle ICE

I usually don't give gratuitous plugs to vendor or consultant webinars, but this one, (register via a link in the body text of the post) which is coming up very shortly (in the next hour), promises to provide some great information on how Wal-Mart tackled ICE (Immigration and Customer Enforcement) using a customized Spend Management application. I've got some inside background on the story from those involved and it provides a great case study for any organization looking to tackle supplier compliance to labor standards. For those who are not familiar with ICE regulations, the Feds are increasingly scrutinizing companies of all sizes for using illegal labor. In the case of Wal-Mart, the venerable retail giant was found to have suppliers who used illegal, undocumented workers in their stores. As part of its settlement with the Feds, Wal-Mart had to come up with a solution for tracking supplier compliance to labor policy. The customized tool they came up with did more than do the job from what I've heard about it. The above-linked post highlighting the details of the webinar notes that the tool "captures extensive vendor information and manages the service agreements through their lifecycle … [it] sounds pretty simple, but it required extensive work across IT, procurement, legal, communications, risk management, training and individual stakeholders to develop the solution and then ensure those departments and their vendors comply with regulations." Even if you can't make the webinar, I'm sure Deloitte (and others involved with the creation and deployment of the tool) would be more than happy to talk to you.

- Jason Busch

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