Jose Mejia — Further Proof CPOs are Making it to the Top

Anyone who knows the procurement turnaround story of Lucent knows that Jose Mejia, Lucent's former CPO, is not only a controversial figure -- in a good, shake-up-a-company type of way -- but a leader with the capabilities of making it to the top. Once again, he has. Mejia was just appointed President and CEO of Medis Technology, a diversified technology organization. Mejia joins other former procurement executives such as GSK’s Willie Deese in getting appointed to top management positions (perhaps the most famous supply management alum is ex logistics/supply chain manager H. Scott Lee of Wal-Mart who rose to the rank of CEO of the world's largest company). I suspect that in future, as company directors place increased value on operational and procurement skill sets following the commodity and financial volatility of recent years -- and less emphasis on creative finance acumen that got us into much of the current mess -- that we’ll see many more of today’s procurement leaders rise to the top of the pack. For a hint as to who might be next, check out the Boards of both CAPs and ISM.

- Jason Busch

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