Emptoris — Confirming (or Dispelling) the Rumors

I have received no fewer than ten emails and phone calls now in the past couple of days asking if the rumors surrounding a recent restructuring at Emptoris are true. To be candid, it feels like this rumor has spread faster than just about any other of late in the entire Spend Management marketplace. But is it true? Yes and no. For those who would chalk up changes at Emptoris to a failing business or revenue model, I'd suggest doing some more homework before raising your hand. As an example, someone suggested to me that they had closed the California office, but based on my own research, this appears to be completely untrue. Yes, there have been some changes, but for reasons other than just realigning a workforce based on revenue. Based on what I've been able to uncover thus far, these go-to-market sales changes are based largely on the decision by new leadership in the commercial organization to adapt a new approach. However, there are some other rumors -- primarily around products -- that do warrant further investigation which I do plan to dig into next week at the Emptoris conference.

- Jason Busch

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