Week Number Two – Fall Conference Season Continues

Next week marks the continuation of Fall conference season. Fortunately, from a travel perspective, I'm not doing any multi-city road shows this fall (which as any pundit knows, can become one of the worst time sucks of any type of conference model). But I am traversing much of the US to attend and speak at various events throughout the Fall. Next week I'm speaking at the OFS Portal event in Houston on Monday. The organization and attendees comprise both the procurement and supply communities in a part of the oil and gas market. As someone who is not overly versed in the sector, I'm looking forward to learning more about the latest trends and hot-button topics when it comes to procurement in this area. On Tuesday, I'm headed to Cape Cod to attend Emptoris' Empower event where I'll also be moderating a panel discussion with a number of CPOs on the topic of how best to weather the down economy. I've not had the chance to demo Emptoris products for quite some time and look forward to playing around with their latest enhancements and suite extensions (you can always count on Emptoris to announce their new release around the time of their user conference). If you're planning to attend either event and would like to put a face to a name, drop me a line.

- Jason Busch

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