Sam Kinney (FreeMarkets co-founder) Joins the Blogosphere

Over the weekend, I got an email that brought a smile to my face. My old friend and sourcing/auction theory mentor, Sam Kinney, dropped me a line. Many of you probably don’t know Sam. But you should. Sam was a co-founder of FreeMarkets and the real intellectual and in-the-trenches push behind the business. Part economist, part CFO, part database guy, part beer snob -- Sam is just about as rounded a start-up guy as it gets. He's cooking up a new start-up at the moment outside of the Spend Management world, but more on that later. His email to me over the weekend is very much relevant for anyone in the procurement world who wants to better understand the impact of the capital markets and banking crisis on the procurement and trade world. In it, he told me that he had just launched his new blog Up the Economy which explains in layman's terms about what is really going on with the financial markets and how best to fix it. After reading the ten or so initial posts, I’d now describe Sam as an interventionist -- or would that be pragmatist -- economic libertarian. But regardless of your economic philosophy, Sam's astute eye for detail and the way he distills down complicated financial instruments and models into easy-to-follow prose is about as good as it gets. Awesome work, Sam. Keep it up.

- Jason Busch

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