Emptoris Empower 2008 — Just the Numbers

Despite the rather rural location of Emptoris Empower this year, the number and quality of the attendees is quite solid. In fact, it reminds more of the early days of FreeMarkets WorldSource where we attracted mostly VP- (there was no CPO title back then) and director-level attendees. By the numbers, there are 221 attendees this year at Empower, representing some 71 global companies. I'm one of 12 media/analyst types in attendance. When it comes to company metrics, there are no real surprises. While Emptoris did not share revenue numbers with the group so far, the familiar up and to the right revenue chart made its way to the main stage as well as claims of double-digit revenue growth in 2008. Despite some recent restructuring changes in the sales and commercial organization, it would appear that Emptoris is weathering the 2008 economic storm so far about as well as could be expected. My informal discussions with around half a dozen active customers so far support the growth claims that Emptoris is claiming.

- Jason Busch

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