Landed — Blogging Live from Emptoris Empower

After a long trip, I finally made it down to Cape Cod last night for the Emptoris Empower event. I plan to blog live throughout the day today and tomorrow, highlighting some of my learnings from the conference as well as the latest product and company news from Emptoris. At the reception last night, there was little talk of what was to come. Rather, many folks I spoke with were interested in diving into the impact of the current credit markets and the economy on procurement. Others wanted to trade thoughts on how ERP was stacking up to Emptoris in spend analysis, sourcing and contract management -- not to mention other best of breed providers these days. It seems everyone has arrived here this year with more questions than answers. About Emptoris. About the overall sector. And about the core role of procurement in one of the oddest periods in economic history we’ve ever seen. It should be an interesting couple of days to say the least!

- Jason Busch

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