The Cost of Service (or a Lack of It) With Services Suppliers

Perhaps the greatest supplier management sin that we're all guilty of is failing to quantify the overall costs and value of a supplier relationship over the lifecycle of an agreement versus simply focusing on them during the negotiation phase. This is especially true for services agreements, many of which can be notoriously difficult to measure and even more difficult to manage. But some services partners are easier to work with than others. Find out which ones your peers believe are the easiest and most difficult to do business with by participating in a new IACCM survey. Specifically, the study and research are focusing on the following firms: Accenture, Bearing Point, Cap Gemini, Deloitte, IBM, KPMG, and PWC. Participants will receive a free copy of the study. As someone who has worked with IACCM in the past, I can vouch for their research methods as well as the value of their analysis. If you’d like to participate, you can follow this link. I'm particularly curious to see the results. And I hope that they will help Accenture -- not to mention other providers -- overcome some of the negative PR from a landmark lawsuit claiming Accenture failed to deliver results.

- Jason Busch

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