Spend Matters — A New Chapter

Today is the first day in the history of Spend Matters that Ariba is not a Lead Sponsor of the blog. I'm very excited that we'll be launching a series of new programs with Ariba later in 2008 and 2009, but I'll leave those for another blog entry to follow in the coming weeks. However, I want to take a few minutes in this post to thank the many people at Ariba -- a good number who have long since moved on and many of whom are still there -- for believing in Spend Matters from day one. And this despite my criticisms and analysis of the Sunnyvale company over the years! Of all these Ariba supporters, I am most in debt to Michael Schmitt and Kevin Brooks, especially, for supporting Spend Matters from the very beginning (Kevin helped me dream up the idea for the blog originally and Michael gave him the budget to sponsor it). Without Kevin, in particular, who coached me on style and form as I moved from being a traditional columnist to a blogger, this corner of the blogosphere would have never gotten off the ground. I'd also like to call out a large thank you to Scott Slone, Ariba's former webmaster, who has provided invaluable design and technical guidance over the years. So thank you Kevin, Michael, Scott and the rest of the extended Ariba team for being such a strong supporter of Spend Matters since 2004.

- Jason Busch

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