Spend Matters Welcomes Endeca as a New Lead Sponsor

As the primary author and editor of Spend Matters, I must draw a line in the sand between the editorial and publishing sides of the business (which is supposed to happen in all forms of media, but all too often does not, including at least one long-established publishing model that I'm aware of in the sector). But sometimes, I must admit, I'm even more excited over new commercial -- i.e., sponsorship or advertising -- relationships than others. Endeca, who becomes a new Spend Matters Lead Sponsor today, is an excellent example of such a situation where I must contain my enthusiasm. Many of you are probably wondering why. The answer, fortunately, speaks for -- or should I say visualizes -- itself the moment you've had a chance to see an Endeca deployment whether it's in the Spend Management world or elsewhere.

In a series of earlier short posts on Endeca, I wrote that the solution is differentiated by its "ability to rapidly identify, locate and present information in entirely new ways so that information and insight literally pop off the screen -- instead of waiting for your cadre of sourcing analysts to sort through their OLAP environment and figure out what to do next ... [its] design and UI help to unearth opportunities that were previously impossible to find. While it's early going in the Spend Management world for Endeca, I have no doubt we'll be hearing more from them. And when we do, all of the existing incumbents in the spend analysis world would do well to take notice."

Once I'm able to speak to some Endeca users more closely about their experience with the application, I'll plan to share their stories here. But until then, if your organization is looking for new ways to gain actionable intelligence from both unstructured and structured spend, performance, risk and related supplier or part data -- with an emphasis on the former, considering that is a major differentiator for them -- then I’d urge you to at least look at a demo and decide for yourself whether or not you think this is as much a potential game changer as I do. In the meantime, please join in offering a warm Spend Matters welcome to Endeca. I have no doubt they'll make a name for themselves in the Spend Management world.

- Jason Busch

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