A New Spend Matters Perspective: Training and Certification Options

A couple months back, I set out to work on a Spend Matters Perspective that would examine the range of training and certification options available to procurement professionals. Little did I know at the time how much research and analysis this effort would take! Close to two-dozen interviews and discussions later -- not to mention many late nights doing secondary research online -- I put pen to paper and completed what has become our most thorough and researched Spend Matters Perspective to date. Titled What is Your Best Option? Procurement Certification and Training Today the Perspective provides a succinct analysis of some of the training and certification programs that are now available to procurement and sourcing professionals.

Based on interviews with a range of practitioners, consultants, vendors and associations, it includes profiles and analyses of the certification programs offered by the Institute of Supply Management (including the new CPSM certification), Next Level Purchasing (SPSM) and the American Purchasing Society (CPP, CPPM). The study also investigates executive education programs and other options (e.g., online training courses from consulting providers). Last, the report examines the relative cost/benefits of these options and evaluates the general value of pursuing different types of training and certification initiatives as well as the specific skill sets that individuals can gain from each program.

It’s not perfect (e.g., we did not analyze international certifications like those from CIPs or PMAC or industry/operations-specific ones like APICs), but it's probably the most thoroughly researched analysis of the subject that I've come across. If you're debating the pursuit of a training / certification program or investing in a distance learning educational program around procurement, I urge you to take a look at it. I also think it will prove useful for executives thinking about programs in which to enroll their teams. You can download this Perspective and others by clicking here: here.

- Jason Busch

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